Columbus HOPE Foundation Inc. is volunteer based and operated non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.  The Foundation’s membership is comprised of the Columbus HOPE chairmen from each of the Sixty-Three (63) Knights of Columbus councils in South Carolina.  A Board of Directors is established to govern the Columbus HOPE Foundation, elect Officers of the Foundation and to aid the Foundation in the accomplishment of its mission. The Officers manage the daily operation and direction of the foundation. 

The Officers of the Foundation are: the President who also serves at the Chairman of the Board, the Secretary and the Treasurer.  In addition, two main committees are established for the purpose of facilitating, directing and managing as required the fundraising and publicity activities of the Foundation.

Officers and Committee Chairmen

Michael A. Allen, PSD, President and Chairman of the Boards
Anthony A. Panek, Secretary
David I.Tibbs, Treasurer
Thomas V. DeMars Jr, Drive Chairman
Joseph Balotti, Communications Director

Board of Directors

State Council – Daniel E. Barton, SD
Charleston Region - James E. Martin
Myrtle Beach Region – Gilbert T. Chushing, PGK, FDD
Greenville Region – Larry D. Patten, FDD
Rockhill Region – James Carswell
Columbia Region/State Liaison – Roosevelt Cummings, PSD, FDM
Aiken Region – Charles R. Goergen, PGK
Beaufort Region – Denny Mahoney

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